Who is Serendipity for?
Serendipity is designed for youth ages 13-18. Both boys and girls feel welcomed in the atmosphere we present. Non-Seventh-day Adventists feel welcomed as well. While we encourage our beliefs through the program, the atmosphere is non-threatening to those who are not of our faith. Whether you know everyone or no one at all, the youth at Serendipity help you feel right at home.

What is Serendipity?
noun  ser·en·dip·i·ty: The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Serendipity is a program created to bring fellowship among other Adventist youth with social and spiritual dimensions. 2-4 adults are there to facilitate the program, but for the most part…parents are not in attendance. This allows the youth to open up more and allows the facilitators to know how the youth are doing spiritually and socially.

Where is Serendipity?
Serendipity is located in the youth room at the Spartanburg Seventh-day Adventist Church. Enter through the right side of the church from the side parking lot. When you enter the church make a right and go down the hall and the youth room will be on the left.

When is Serendipity?
Serendipity is a Friday night program that runs every week (with few exceptions). The program starts at 7:00 PM and ends around 9:00 PM. There are certain Fridays in which we may not have Serendipity. Contact us for a schedule first before visiting.

Why Serendipity?
We have Serendipity because we love our youth.

After surveying our youth and finding out the many desires they had, we found that many wanted time to spend with other youth that believed what they did. They wanted friends from the church, a closer walk with God, and also wanted to feel like their church cared for them.

So we started Serendipity. The basis for a productive youth ministry is that there needs to be cohesion between the youth…a sense of unity with each other. Serendipity provides that basis that will lead the youth to branch out more in other areas of ministry.


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